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Embracing Creativity Through Calligraphy


My name is Carla, a passionate calligrapher enthusiast and artist. I was born in the scenic and sunny Algarve region of Portugal. However, my journey took me to Germany to seek stability. A step that unexpectedly shaped my path.

My childhood dream of becoming an artist was instead redirected toward other endeavors. I worked on our house renovations with my father and in doing so, I learned invaluable electrical, construction, and painting skills, which have accompanied me throughout my life. Lead me to study mechanical engineering and business engineering, and be in a environment where my creativity was also encouraged.

The turning point to becoming an artist came when an agency approached me to add an artistic touch to their client's luxury perfume brand at their live events. Engraving bottles brought me into the realm of creative expression I had craved.

This pivotal moment coincided with an offer I made to the local community college to teach calligraphy. A proposal I thought would never see the light of day.


To my great surprise, the courses were well received and marked the beginning of a new chapter.


Today, I find joy and fulfillment in sharing the art of writing and calligraphy with others. As a lecturer for three community colleges, I have the privilege of passing on knowledge that I have acquired during my journey through the world of calligraphy.

Calligraphy and watercolor art has become a source of inspiration and fulfillment in my life, with limitless possibilities for learning.


I invite you to accompany me on this artistic journey, where every stroke reveals new dimensions of creativity.


I am excited for you to join me on this journey.




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